Graphics Contest Winners - Edited Terrains

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AuthorTopic: Graphics Contest Winners - Edited Terrains
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First off, thanks to the judges: Brett, myself, Stareye and Jake Scott.

Big Blue's Earthen Road set got in the top 5%, followed quite closely-- the margin was only 0.15 points-- by Kalinging Song's Mine Entrances. Dahak's Snowy Tree took a distant yet respectable 25% place. Other point-gainers in this section are WildKarrde's City Walls, Kalinging Song's Outdoor Trees and Luz Piazuelo's Stairs. (As of right now, Kalinging is still in lead overall in the contest with 39 points.)

(Relevant executive decision: Edits now have a halved penalty compared to originals as a "competency bonus" rather than a flat .5 bonus. That's why you don't see people scoring half-points in this category.)

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My Internet Explore keeps on crashing when I click on the link. Are you sure that it is working?
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it worked for me
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Ok it works now.

Interesting, I expected the city walls would get a little more points.

Anyways, congrats to Big Blue.
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I never thought I would win in this category! I thought the Mine Entrances would win.
Wow, and good luck to all artists in the following categories! :)

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Congratulations Bigblue, Kalinging Song, and Dahak!
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In retrospect, I suppose I scored a bit harshly.

Note to self : don't be so totally condemming in the future. You can't say you'll better anyway.

And, of course, congrats to Big Blue and Kalinging, along with all the others.

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