Towns vs Dungeons

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AuthorTopic: Towns vs Dungeons
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My current scenario has about 3 dungeons. However, it has a full load of towns.

Most of the combat is in the towns (Politics :) ) and the dungeons are more along the line of level-up /item sidequests.

Would you toss in more dungeons, or toss in more travel (XP sidequests).

Oh, and the town combat is varied. All towns start out as friendly. Your actions cause the towns to change their attitude.

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Though it is not a direct comparison, it seems in your game towns are taking part of the function of dungeons (or at least some dungeons, and only sometimes) that is, combat.
I haven't seen it, but from what you've said, I wouldn't add more dungeons, unless they can fit with the story. Your use of dungeons seems cool and balanced with your use of towns.

If you want to add anything else, maybe a little travel--> side quests. How many outdoor areas do you have? Does it feel clutted?

How many quests do you have so far?
(sorry to ask so many questions, just want to get a feeling of what you've got so far)


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Why add filler for the sake of filler? But more to the point, this is a question your beta testers should answer. There's no way to say in the abstract whether a scenario's story feels "thin" -- and even should your testers think that it is, the best thickener is rarely combat stuffing. Having actually played the scenario, they may suggest further development of characters, more elegant plot twists or other devices that would be both more effective and better tailored to the story you're telling. So if you're satisfied that the scenario does what you want it to do, and you've ironed out all the bugs and typos you can find, get that puppy into the hands of the people!

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Yarr. In fact, I hate it when people thrown in needless fighting. I hate fighting of any sort, really, so the needless kind doubly annoys. Chances are if you put in dungeons for the sake of having more combat, they'll be dungeons you won't really want to have and you'll get bored and annoyed with your scenario.

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