Newbie Question: Dual-Wield/Ambidexterity

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AuthorTopic: Newbie Question: Dual-Wield/Ambidexterity
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Why was dual-wielding taken out of Avernum?

Somewhat related to that is whether dual-wielding and ambidexerity will make a return in BoA.

- Leshrac
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Dual-Wielding was most likely taken out of the Avernum series since you can already do insane damage even with one weapon, it'd be far too over-powered if you could do such insane damage twice at the cost of a little defense.

And then I'm not even mentioning haste yet.

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Also, the ability to wield two weapons would require even more graphics for the PC's. And there would be a bit of awkwardness in the code that checks if the newly equipped weapon should replace the current weapon or shield.

—Alorael, who thinks all of these reasons played into Jeff's decision to take out dual-wielding. In Avenum 3, especially, two weapons would either do far too much damage or hit the cap and be worthless, and the powerful weapons are strong enough alone to make a pair ridiculous.
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aww dual wielding is gone? it was kool!!!!! :( :( :( :( :(
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Please, restrain yourself from bringing these dead topics back to life (you've done it to other topics, too). It's no good for you. :)

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not quite a dual weapon, but if i ever get around to doing a small/short scenario(not likely...) i was planning on throwing in a magical main-gauche type weapon,

i havnt played with the editor/scenario designer enough to ensure that it would work, but id put it as a shield category, use the steel-dagger graphic(since it looks like a main gauce) give it a pretty small defensive value, and a nice bonus to riposte and parry. not quite the same, but figured it would be worth trying...
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