VoDT Kobolds

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AuthorTopic: VoDT Kobolds
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How do I convince the ones near fort Talrus (starting place) to leave?

Edit: And the undead behind the Mage shop in SweetGrove, who should i talk to aobut thoose? or just kill them?

Edit2:The orange Shade in the circle of stones, how do I help it?

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Usually, convincing takes the form of heavy, intentional, blows to the head.
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A light tap will do in the case of the kobolds... ;)

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The undead behind the mage shop in Sweetgroove?!What's that??

About the shade, if you're talking about the wandering one, I don't think you can do anything with it...I've try a lot of time, after finishing the main quest etc...but nothing happens...

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When you've finished the main quest you'll want to visit the shade. It gives you something as I recall...
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If you are talking about those ghasts in that little bit of shrubbery in the southern most edge of Sweetgrove, they are just a quick taste of undead for low level parties. Kill them and loot as necessary.

The Kobolds are not the ones that give you one of the 3 polished entry stones, so kill them and loot as necessary.

DO NOT kill the 'Spirit of the Sick' and loot as necessary. It has 1000+ HP as well as an insane attack. You will only have the option of attacking it if you try to trap all 3 of those wandering shades. The 'Spirit of the Sick' will give you a small reward once you solve the Vale's sickness.

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