Walkthrough for BoA

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AuthorTopic: Walkthrough for BoA
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Is there any walkthrough for BoA?
Or anybody working on this?
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The nature of BoA makes writing a walkthrough a bit pointless.

In any case, if you want well-done walkthroughs of the four professional scenarios, you could always buy the BoA hintbook.
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I see. I'll just use the old hints used for BoE.
For Diplomacy of the Dead, I'll just ask in this forum in case I'm stuck.
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;) A walkthrough for VoDT is in the BoA manual.

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...and if you get stuck, just search in the forum, we use it for that, you know :D !

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I could write a walkthrough.. I remember I did one for A3, but after I couldn't get past the golems I gave up :P
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Smaug, how about just writing a guide for training skills like Strength, endurance...etc...
Writing a walkthrough is pointless but writing a guide on tips in training skills will be very helpful.
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Huh? You do understand that you train those skills in friendly towns after gaining experience, right?

I don't understand that last post at all if my last comment didn't hit the mark.

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Well, the sort of walkthrough that I would like to see would include where to find useful items and spells and stuff... things that are worthy of staying in your inventory. Also, walkthroughs for sidequests and useful things to do in the scenarios after VoDT would be *really* useful... as would be some of the encounters and things you can find on the world map, and the skill level you need to get things (luck, arcane lore, nature lore, etc.)

Mostly, however, info on the best items would be great!

Also, a question, are there ways to learn to make potions OTHER than the ones shown on the potion list? Like Resistance Potion? Thanks!
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SNEM: He meant a guide on which skills to train and when.

GF: Not really. You could implement a way within a scenario using custom abilities.

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Yeh. That's what I meant. I need a guide on what skills to train and when.
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