A stupid thing i did while searching for Drake Tooth

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AuthorTopic: A stupid thing i did while searching for Drake Tooth
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while searching for the drake tooth, who some of the exp BoA gamers told me is in the north, i stumbled upon 3 crypts... the first 2 was ridiculously easy for my duos, i was level 4.. then came the 3rd one.. i can tell u i reloaded the game at least 50 times.. i got fedup and i couldn't get away because i only have a save and those spirts and ghosts are always in front of me blocking my path.. I edited my characters, pretty angry abt that, i wanted to go thru the game without cheating. Has anyone here got thru that crypt at low level?

Ok anyway back to the drake tooth quest, i am wondering am i near the place? ok here's what, i was moving towards the left and i stumbled upon secret passage where there are lavas, i dropped into it and my HP went down to 0, and inside there are fire spewing monsters.. Is that the place to finish this quest?
thanks a lot..

I am a cheater :(

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Hehe, this is the kind of things I do all the time: saving my game in a crisis moment, and be stuck by powerfull monsters...
Cheating this way isn't so bad, I think :rolleyes: ...

About the Drake Tooth quest, yes, it's THE place!Pass the lava, heal yourself, enjoy the fight and get the tooth!

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I got thru there without dying or cheating, with a low level party. The priest spell 'repell spirit' kicks furry butt when it comes to clearing those caves. On the other hand the reward isn't too great...

Good luck with getting that tooth.
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What you needed is your characters with Repel Spirit - then you can win, if you have enough health and energy potions. I did that with a level 1 group. It's hard - but not unbeatable. :rolleyes:

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Or you could pick off the Spirit in the first round and then haste/bless a fighter and rip the undead to shreds.

If you are having trouble with ranged monsters, especially the ember lizards after the lava, I have a suggestion. Get an archer. I play on torment with 3 characters, a Slith Warrior, a Nephilim Mage/Priest, and a Nephilim Archer. My archer easily does above 100 damage per arrow/bolt and picks off all the casters before they can cause serious damage.
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