Sweetgrove - where is Somreth?

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AuthorTopic: Sweetgrove - where is Somreth?
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He supposes to give me find another runed stone quest but I am not sure if he is really in Sweetgrove. Please help!
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I'm not sure who Somreth is, but you only need one stone. The easiest one to get, in my opinion, can be found by talking to Avizo in Fort Talrus. You probably have to speak with someone in Sweetgrove first. If someone sends you after a mage, you're on the right track.

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There are 3 runed stones in the scenario, I believe, and there's a guy you can sell the spare stones to. I forget exactly where he is, though.

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one from avizo(need to be triggered by talking to someone in sweetgrove), one from a group of kobolds and the other is the beggar just beside the inn(he sells it for 50 bucks) can't miss him though coz he will speak to u when u are abt to enter the inn.

all thse cna be found in the manual :D
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Somreth is the priestess in Marralis. She'll reward you for getting her a rune stone.

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I hope the kobolds you refer to aren't the ones just outside of Fort Talrus, AKA the ones I killed in the beginning of the game...

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those aren't the ones. The ones you are looking for are way up north near the mountains, however it is easier to kill them and take the stone, than paying 50 gold.
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I couldn't find Avizo in Fort Talrus, but you can find his stone by breaking in to his house, disarming the traps and checking the flower pot...
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