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AuthorTopic: trap, lock, xp reward
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I have tried the nimble finger trait and am surprised to find that I actually got some xp from picking locks vs to bashing/spell unlocking.

Is there any xp system on this? How many unlocking is needed / 50 xp or is that just whenever a lockpick breaks?
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btw, speaking of traps, how do i disarm a trap?
right in the first town, beside that commander..there is this room with a mine, everytime i go in, it will go off.. if i am lucky it hits for 11-12 hp.. other time it's back to main menu.. :mad:
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You get 50 experience per locked door, period. That goes for the doors that require five tool use and the doors that require fifty. I'm not certain about traps, since they appear less frequently, but I believe there is a similar flat rate system.

—Alorael, who thinks the mines probably make more sense to someone who has played Geneforge. On a standard trap, you are automatically notified of its existence and given the choices of backing off or trying to disarm it. The mines start ticking whenever you get too close and then damage everything in a wide radius. Moving a character on top of a mine before it explodes disarms it, but it's also often possible to send a single hasted character to trigger it (in combat mode) and then run away so that by the time it explodes you're outside the blast radius.
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You have to be close to the mine, and then you have to look at it.
I don't know how it is with Windows, but thats the only way that I know.

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This is how it is on windows

Yay 100th post :P
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Alorael - You actually get more (or less) than 50 experience, depending on mechanism difficulty. The message is not entirely truthful.
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My own observations with locks and experience show that you only get 50 points XP when a Stuff Done Flag is attached to that lock. In other words, if it's a locked door and you bash/pick it open, but it has no SDF you get no XP, since you'd have to bash/pick it open every time you re-entered the town. Otherwise you could open a lock, get 50 XP, leave town, come back in, open the lock, get 50 XP, etc. ad nauseum. The SDF remembers that you've opened that lock, so it remains unlocked when you re-enter the town.

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I don't think it has to do with difficulty b/c I have got xp once from 3 diff door.

In sweetgrove, at Aviso's, you get disarm traps both ways to get 100 xp. :D
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It says you get 50 exp, but, as I said, it's lying. Look at the scripts if you don't believe me.
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I response to RH's question, you can't disarm that kind. The mine in the commander's office just goes off when you get in there.
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I was under the impression that its a flat 50xp without adjustments for anything. I said something about this in another topic, that it was one of the things that annoyed me during beta testing, the fact that i could have a half-decent theif in my party, run around a town with some fine lockpicks, pick 20 locks and WOW! you have (roughly) gained a level! for opening a bunch of doors with spiderwebs and pants behind them!

but i also realized it might be a total waste of Jeff's time to try and apply an xp system like the combat one to all the locks in the game.

oh well.

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Oh, you can still do that. But, if you check the scripts, it IS adjusted for lock difficulty, so that'll stop working once you're higher-level.
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