Has unlock always cost this much?

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AuthorTopic: Has unlock always cost this much?
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The unlock cost 15 SP now, has it always being that expensive?

I remember that in BoE is just cost 3SP.

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In addition to that, unlock also does absolutely nothing unless you're against a magically locked door.

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If your mages are good enough at that spell, it can unlock normal doors. My group of mages/minor priests
each have a mage skill of 6, and 10 intellegence, the Natural Mage trait, and their Unlock spells affect normal locked doors. Though I doubt they need ALL that skill to use it to unlock normal doors.

But it's 15 SP cost is too much :( . They each only have 60 SP. 10 is okay for me, and it's original cost of 5 SP is great! :D

It's cost is tripled and it doesn't unlock as well. :(

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Lockpicks are useful, though.

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I believe that higher spell point costs were introduced to give the game better balance. In A3, lockpicks were next to worthless if you had a mage with even a decent Unlock spell. I think the higher costs and toned down effects of all the spells are just fine, they make combat more interesting and difficult, and make getting Magical Efficiency actually worth it.

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:o It's out! *dances* :P

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Yeah, I think a default 5 or 6 would be much better, but in A3 it was quite easy if you had a mage to unlock doors, no tool use needed.
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Yeah, I vaguely remember you. Hi.

On topic, I kinda like the fact that lockpicking is finally useful.

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Originally written by magoicochea:

The unlock cost 15 SP now, has it always being that expensive?

I remember that in BoE is just cost 3SP.

Have someone with brilliant tool use and some lockpics. I've got a super one with over 12 tool use -(He's a Rogue)! :rolleyes:

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My lock-picker has nearly 20 Tool Use. I think that's what you need to unlock any reasonable lock in the currently existing scenarios.
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