POLL: Your expectations for Blades of Avernum

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AuthorTopic: POLL: Your expectations for Blades of Avernum
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Since Jeff seems to be done on the thread at the BoE board, I thought now would be a good time to see what people are anticipating.
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Dissapointed that there arent going to be joinable NPCs, and special spells wouldve been cool, but the scripting stystem sounds amazing - I hope its as powerful as Jeff makes it out to be

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Yeah, if the script editor is half as powerful as Jeff keeps saying it will be, it'll be a monumental improvement over Blades of Exile.

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What I'm looking foward to is custum weopons and monsters. I know that's in BoE, but I enjoy having a short sword doing ten instead of six.

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I shall revive an ancient topic; short swords suck!

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A pity the poll is gone.

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Gah! Necromancy! I just looked in all the possible fora for that poll before noticing the date. :P

That said, how long was BoA in the works for there to be a topic about it over in 2002?

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Originally written by Tyran:

That said, how long was BoA in the works for there to be a topic about it over in 2002?
Long enough for Jeff's business nearly to go under.

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*Is concerned at the level of Excaliburs boredom to go that far back in the topics*

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Maybe he was reading them from the bottom to the top.

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I was just curious what you'd say, that's all. And it took about five seconds to get to it, so it wasn't like I was waiting an hour.

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