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AuthorTopic: Character DISadvantages
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It's very common to pick the positive character traits for your PCs - Divinely Touched, Elite Warrior, and Natural Mage are all perennial favorites. Have you ever picked one of the bad character traits, either for the extra experience or to make things more interesting? I just started a party where all 4 characters are Completely Inept and Cursed at Birth. I felt like doing something different and challenging, but didn't really enjoy the idea of playing a singleton. (Maybe later...)

I haven't hit the really difficult parts of the included scenarios yet, but so far it's been pretty fun. The big experience bonus, on top of not having the 20-40% penalty for picking good character traits, means that my party levels very fast, and I get to enjoy more PC development. I imagine that I'll start needing those extra levels once I meet tough monsters that can take advantage of my party's cursedness and ineptitude.

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Everyone in my party with a space open for it usually picks up at least Sickness Prone. It's pretty harmless, and the extra bonus is nice. Brittle Bones can work well for a spellcaster - if they're the sort where odds are they'll die if they're hit anyway, there's no real setback.

Sluggish hurts. You go last (or close to it) in combat, and lose an action point. I've never experimented with Cursed at Birth or Completely Inept, but they both sound considerably worse.
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I've been too scared to add a sickness/curse to my players, I'm not that great as is :)

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My theory runs along these lines - "Well, hey. You'll be really high level eventually anyway..."
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All of my characters always run with "Completely inept". The mechanic and the mage always start with "Nimble fingers" and "Natural mage". I like to use "Completely inept" to offset the XP penalties for slith and nephil characters. That and Phil Foglio's sketch for it is funny.

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