Caught in the Khoth-fire

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AuthorTopic: Caught in the Khoth-fire
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Say that three times fast! Anyway, I hate to admit it but I'm stuck. I stumbled through the burning lasers, stabbed the efreets in the back, and depended too heavily on my precious rod of arcana when dealing with the goelms (though I must say it was fun simulcraning the demon goelm three times). Now I'm before the great Khoth and I've got nuthin' to show for it. Did I just waste my valuable time or is this scenario salvageable?

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What precisely is the problem?

If Khoth is attacking you, you probably made him mad by attacking the golems before they were all hostile. Return to a save from before you fought the golems.

If Khoth wants a gift and you don't have one, go back down the run and look for one.
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But where to find a gift I ask? I'm on day eleven or something, so not much time left. Am I dead meat?
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Sail back down past the trog fort, and Casser-Bok's lair will be about the second lake to the west.

You might have enough time. I doubt it, but you might. Alternatively, you could give up on reaching the fort in time and instead just loot the Run for everything it's worth. (You'll still be able to escape past Khoth when you're ready to leave the scenario. It won't be a win, but your party will have at least gotten valuable experience, and will survive.)
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Day eleven? I thought the time limit was 21 days. So you should have loads of time.

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Fourteen days in BoA.

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Originally written by Boots:

Fourteen days in BoA.
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And yet the BoE version can be completed in three days; the BoA version in four.
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