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Anyone remember my old guides to all the items in Blades of Avernum? They're back, and now updated for every scenario out there:

Artifacts by Scenario
Artifacts by Power
Item Guide
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Awesome. Do you have a program to do this?


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I wish. :P
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Wow, I didn't know that the bonuses multiply damage deflected on necklaces.

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They don't. It blocks 1-10 (protection) + 1-10 (extra armor) + 2 (bonus)... or should. I think.

I know my guide has a few miscalculations in it where the descriptions of things don't agree with the engine, with regard to a few weapons and their special damage, and... one of the equippable item types and its protection/bonus values, and I believe an issue where bonus damage blocking is not actually calculated as described, because I go with the descriptions rather than the engine.

I'm considering updating to go with how the engine works if I get the time and I get a list of what I'd need to change, though.
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I am receiving an error when trying to access your lists. Any advice or alternate site?
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Yeah, Imban, I'm getting a 404 on all three. Can you check on them?

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It was working yesterday, but yeah, now I'm getting the 404 too.

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Me three..@_@

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I've made them available at my site on the downloads page.


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RIT seems to have suddenly eaten access to all students' webspaces. Dunno what's up with that - everything's still there when I use my FTP access, but my RIT webspace and everyone else's I know is giving me nothing but 404s.
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