need help for small rebellion

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AuthorTopic: need help for small rebellion
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i want to be on the empire side.
i dont want to kill lord volpe.
cause then i cant finish wat i wanted to do.
how do i stay on there side without actualy killing him? :confused:
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Remember, in order to stay on the Empire's side, you have to check with the shade beneath Willow (at least, Dikiyoba thinks Willow is the right town) before carrying out any of the rebel's requests. But if the shade tells you to do something, you have to do it.

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You don't actually do what you think you are going to do. Jaen will tell you what to do when you check in each time.
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so the shade is saying he wants me to kill lord volpe?
i did do that.
so would the lord be there?
or is he supposed to die?

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Volpe dies no matter what you do. Just roll with it and report back to Jaen as soon as you can.

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