El Presidente Problem!

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AuthorTopic: El Presidente Problem!
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I have tried to play El Presidente but no matter how I play I always die. It's like the scenario is un beatable. Why isn't it formatted for a god party? Is there a walkthorugh somewhere? I am playing all scenarios on EASY!

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Search around town for better equipment than what you have. Approach the escape doors carefully so that your enemies don't see you. Save often in case of mishap. Finally, you can heal yourself once in the temple, so look around in there.

Dikiyoba has admittedly only played the beta, but the advice should still be the same.

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If you are playing as the attackers, then kill townspeople. They'll either heal you for 5 points apiece, or restore some SP. Also, use bolt of fire and haste liberally.

If you're playing as the Empire, there's a bow just south of where you start and some spare arrows in the room just east of where you start. This is probably going to save your butt.

Also, save a lot, and target magi/major characters first. And, as has been said, there is a one-time heal spell in the temple.
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