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AuthorTopic: lockpicks at the beginning
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Hi, I'm new to BoA. I'm still in Valley of the dying things and I ran out of lockpicks. I haven't got the enchanted scepter yet so I can't get in to get it. I only picked up two sets - can anyone tell me where to find more? I can't buy them in any of the towns.

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Two shops sell picks in VoDT:
Cole just ouside of Sweetgrove - Supplies
Unger in Marrilis and Blinlock

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Hm... well, there's always the option of giving yourself some Magic Lockpicks via the character editor. If you've registered, you can do that.

Drat, Lazarus beat me to it... so much for scouring the scenario in the editor.

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There are also a few places in the Mage School where you can find some.

Don't forget the mage's unlock spell.

It doesn't hurt to save before trying and reload if you break a pick. This can slow the rate at which you go through them.

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Unlock spell in BoA only affects the magic part of the lock..not the physical one..I think only a high level Unlock spell in BoA affects the physical part..at least..that's what I read..

The save and reload tactics is good for saving lockpicks..thank you Randomizer for telling us that..

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