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AuthorTopic: HELP PLZ!!!!!
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ok i just started the zhaki run or how ever you spell it but i have no clue what to do or anything can someone please help me in key points in the game or anything useful
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Talk to the commander of the fort, after that, speak with the wizard in the dining hall to get the wands, and then take a boat north. If you want a more specific answer, you should give more specific info as to where you are. :P

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ok i got the wands and i am past the bay the passage thing from the sliths its there i have no clue what to do
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There are always several paths to take with one being the shortest one to the end and some of the others leading to interesting things. The sliths either sell you permission to the right path north or you have stolen the information from the room to the west.

When the river runs out you have to either help the unicorns with their quest versus the giants or spend time finding the correct path through the mountains.
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ok how do i get from from the start to the finish in the fastest way?
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It will take more than one answer or person to tell you that. Do what they say and wait for another reply.

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Time wise, it's probably better to get the unicorn charm from the unicorns rather than wander around outside.

Eventually, you'll want the shroom charm from Morog and probably want to steal the scroll from her as well.

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Like everyone has been saying, there are many paths to victory in the scenario. If you want to finish as quickly as possible the first time, you will want to come back to see everything else the next time. Random dungeons like the pit of snakes and the slith temple are not necessary. If no one important talks about it, it's not important.

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