A couple of questions.

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AuthorTopic: A couple of questions.
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1. Do you think you'll be able to make your own special little holiday dealies, and new calendars, maybe, even, in BoA?

2. what sorts of programs is it necessary to have if you want to make new monster or character graphics? photoshop? Some kinda really expesinsive program? Or are Avernum graphics the sort of thing you can pull off with paint, or that other drawing thing?

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1. Don't know.

2. Hey, they're all in bitmap! Paint is fine.

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1- It has said that holidays will be possible (which makes more than enough sense). And calenders should be also, but I'm having trouble thinking of any use for them.

2- Paint works.

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You should try to get your hands on some program with 'Photo' or similar inside it, 'PhotoPaint', 'PhotoShop', 'PhotoEditor', 'PhotoImpact' to supplement Paint. Frequently you will want to change the colors easily without having to repaint, and afaik Paint can't do it.

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