Beta testing BOA when it is ready

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AuthorTopic: Beta testing BOA when it is ready
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Hi i'm new to the boards and i'm just going to ask if it wood be ok if i can be one of the mac beta testers. i have a one if the new iMacs that has SO X on it if that wood help with the testing. I'm willing to put my iMac through hell and back if you let me test it when it is ready.
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Apply at Spiderweb Software when they ask for beta testers.

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ok ty for replying but I know i'll not be able to get on the beta testing list in time bc alot of ppl are going to go for it the day they start asking ppl to test it.
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The list usually stays open for a few days, and it's not first-come, first-served. Jeff looks through and picks the testers he wants.

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You have to meet the criteria besides. One of the criteria is that you can't use a hotmail address for the beta-test.

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This is also a good site
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Does that mean i can use Online`s mail services? (Its only web based, if that makes sense)

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Your not alone on the Beta testing, i'm also hoping to be allowed to, i'm just curious if theres a payment charge for testing it.

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Originally written by Axerax:

i'm just curious if theres a payment charge for testing it.
You get the game you beta test for free :)

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if only Jeff cared more for my retarded little pc. i wish i could betta test at the same time as you mac people. knowing the other games it will probably take 3 months before i even have a CHANCE of testing... :(

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I myself would be much more likely testing an at least somewhat decent Win-version, than an all-buggy and crashy Mac version. You gotta remember that the Mac-people get to test the first raw versions, while we (well, Windows testers) get a game the Mac-people have already tested a bit.

..or something like that. :rolleyes:

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