Problem in backwater calls (2)

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AuthorTopic: Problem in backwater calls (2)
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I have 2 problems in backwater calls, and it's occurred to me that I dodn't have any problems with it when I had a windows maching.
First: No matter what I do in the rock-paper-scissors cave, nothing happens. Now, granted, it's been a while and I don't remember what happenned last time, but I do remember doing something there that worked.

Second. i went into the mine and wiped out all the sliths (except for the one room I can't get into because I don't have the key. Where is that?) and my dialog options in sattle don't change.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?
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Since you've messed around with the levers, first pull the blank one, then rock, paper, scissors, rock.

The key to the room is in one of the chests in the south-western part of the caves. The slith chief is in the room so that's why you haven't progressed.

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