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AuthorTopic: Please !
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Could someone please tell me where to get a samurai graphic ?

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Rakshasi posted one in a recent thread, here. You should ask him if he's touched it up any, since he mentioned something about changing its attack pose.

In the future you can also use the Louvre, which has lots of good graphics although probably not a samurai.

Edit: Out of curiosity, what is this for?

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And for asking questions such as this in the future, please hit the "new topic" button rather than "new poll." For one thing, it's not a decent thing to poll people about, and for another, a poll with one question and one possible answer won't get you any interesting results.

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There's a better one here.

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I seem to remember TM having collected some miscellaneous graphics for Japanese townsfolk and such. Not sure where he got them, though.


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