Should Jeff do a designer's log for BoA?

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AuthorTopic: Should Jeff do a designer's log for BoA?
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Do you think Jeff should do a designer's log type thing where he gives weekly news on the progress of Blades of Avernum?
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Of course it would be cool, but meh, I'd personally have him working on the game instead of writing about working on it..

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He's been working on it for a while now; a log would be most incomplete. And as stated above, I'd rather have him working on it.

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This would be really useful for beta testers - so they know what bugs have been found and don't waste their time writing up a bug description that Jeff already knows about.

But I wouldn't do this in a weekly fashion. I'd suggest Jeff set up a board here that only testers can access, where he and others can post bug reports daily.

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Why shouldn't the board be visible to non-testers? An open beta process is always a good thing.

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