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AuthorTopic: Coming Soon - Blades of Avernum
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Blades of Avernum
A Fantasy Role-Playing Adventure for Macintosh and Windows

Get ready for unlimited adventures. Prepare for tales of sword and sorcery in a world at war. One one side, the mighty empire that controls all known lands. On the other, determined rebels hiding in caverns far underground. Pick up a blade, take on cunning foes, and, when victory is yours, go online and download more free adventures. Or use a powerful editor to make quests of your own!

Spiderweb Software announces the upcoming release of Blades of Avernum, their upcoming fantasy role-playing system for Windows and Macintosh. Blades of Avernum comes with several large, exciting adventures:

In A Small Rebellion, you are sent to infiltrate and destroy a band of rebels against the Empire. The question: will you fight them, or join them? In The Valley of Dying Things, you delve deep into an enormous, abandoned school of magic, looking for the secret to a deadly plague.

In The Za-Khazi Run, you rocket down a subterranean river, racing against time to reinforce a besieged fort. First, though, you must outwit the many powerful, bizarre creatures living along the route. And in Diplomacy With the Dead, you have to help a remote city deal with the powerful vampire who lives just outside town. This turns out to be much more complicated than it sounds.

And, when you have won these adventures, the promise of more free fun on the net means that your journey need never end. Anyone can use Blades of Avernum's editor to make fascinating adventures with cunning characters. Deal with monsters that work together and send out patrols to hunt you. Fight deadly bosses that summon aid, flee when they're outmatched, and surprise you with all sorts of nasty tricks.

Blades of Avernum is limited only by the imagination of the designers. It will be the nastiest and most clever adventure makers versus you. And you aren't going to let them win.

Are you?

Blades of Avernum will be available for Windows and Macintosh in early 2004. It will be $25, or $32 with a hint book. The scenario editor comes free with the game. Screenshots and more information are available at

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Great. Apparently this means it's closer than we think ;) . I can't wait (literally... give it to me now).

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Can we pre-order right now?

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This is also a good site
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Is this not just a reprint of the page (with pictures!) we saw last week or so? :P
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I was wondering if we can Pre-Order it around Christmas, now that would be cool :P

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Should I buy the hint book? I haven't for any other games (I can't resist that kind of temptation) but I'm wondering if the hintbook for BoA would have some useful tips for creating a good scenario. Just wondering...

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Hmm... it's going to be interesting getting used to the inventory being on the left for once.

Kinda funny to read the "stuff that won't make it" section. :D
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Why? You find sloth and utter disdain for one's customers funny?

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At least we know what to expect this time.

Oh, and I hope you realise that talking like this means you're going to have a lot of explaining to do if you don't finish Pyg... October 7th has come and gone.

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The expectations page is horribly outdated, and you can't take anything on that page at face value.

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G'ah, why has Jeff bothered to port VoDT and Zakhazi?

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Drakey: I should really hope not. If we CAN expect that to be accurate, Jeff is apparently still laboring under the delusion that it's the responsibility of the designer to accomodate every possible playing style.

Earth to Vogel: It's called a tactical challenge. Because the ABYSMAL capabilities of YOUR node editor, it's the ONLY significantly entertaining sort of challenge in BoE. Look it up, would you?

I think the word 'disdain' is entirely wrong: it's not that Jeff is apathetic, it's that he's genuinely ignorant to BoE, and arrogant enough to assume that things are exactly the same now as they were when he left off.

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Aaaaah its backwards! ...sorry that scared me. I guess ill have to get used to it.

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