BoA out?

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AuthorTopic: BoA out?
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Rpgplanet claims that they have BoA, but as far as i know it isn't released. A beta version maybe?

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According to the forum header:

Blades of Avernum (BoA) is not available yet. Jeff Vogel is hard at work on it - hopefully it will be available by year's end.

It's doubtful they have it.

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I agree, but a beta version out this early would be un beleivable to me, maybe they would have he beta out by December 2003 or mayber early January 2004, but other than that i don't think its possible for it to be out.

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Well, they set up a webpage for it at:

and it will only cost about 25 bucks. So hopefully this means it will be out soon.
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Soon, relativally speaking. RPGPlanet claims? Perhaps they are confused with BOE, but I wouldn't bet on that. Who knows... well Jeff does but that's beside the point.

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Ahh... Mystery. Maybe its true! :rolleyes:
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