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AuthorTopic: Ambidextrous
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I don't know if this has been mentioned before but I was just wondering if you will be able to wield two weapons like back in the good old days of exile.?!...

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No. For one thing, extra graphics would need to be made for wielding two weapons, which the Avernum engine isn't designed to handle. For another, having the damage cap effectively doubled when wielding two weapons would be terribly unbalancing and would give no reason for the player to use polearms or shields.

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Just make the effect that it is. Make an item and say it's two Stone Short Swords, when it's actually just one (technically). The user would just have to use their imagination a little bit.

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*Abu scoops his lower eyelid* Does a tank run through here?! Two weapons are a very bad idea.
a. they would have to modify the engine
a2. if not it would be very ****ty, avernum is already quite demanding in the department of imagination (not that i mind that much, but more would be just a step back)
b. to balance the game they would have to decrease dramatically the weapon damages or cut down the PC endurance so it would be hard to work without a shield
c. everyone would want to wield two weapons - it would probably be the most damaging combination (FlameSword + IceSword) and it would cut back on the originality of user choice (presently it doesnt differ much in damage whether you choose to use a spear or sword - yoyu can pick without loss)

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I agree with Abu Dhabi's point C - there is usually very little reason to wield only one weapon, although there CAN be...
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A Shield of Invulnerability may be a reason.
I don't really care. I don't use two weapons very much anyway.

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Eh, I was more or less thinking of a spectacular two-handed weapon. Enemies cannot harm you if you kill them before they move.
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