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Grand Vizier, maybe. It has more of an "evil advisor" ring to it. Since when have you heard of a good Grand Vizier?
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Indeed, cool. That was a rethorical question anyway, but — never (about the good grand vizier)!

How would Prazac be released from that spell?

Edit: Stupid, by Garzahd's death of course... You do end up killing him in A2, right?

Got another idea, some kind of binding amulet that Prazac wears. I think that one's been used before, but it's still cool. Especially because the idea of a young imperial princess enslaved by a crazy, vicious court wizard is a stereotype that cannot and should not be avoided. :P

So, the sum of all the suggestions is this:

Hawthorne is assassinated with Prazac in her teens. Garzahd takes the place of Grand Vizier (I don't think he would have been Grand Vizier when Hawthorne lived because he already was Court Wizard, but who knows). Claiming that Prazac is too young to rule, he assumes the responsibility of her 'legal guardian' or something and basically does all the governing.

To ensure that she doesn't contest this (after all she is quite bright and would realize that Garzahd is basically usurping her throne), he gets her to wear some kind of enchanted amulet that binds her to his will. Note this would allow him to continue his reign for many decades since Prazac would 'confirm' each and every of his decisions even when she's officially on the throne. Picture Grima and Theoden from LotR. ;)

Eventually, the player kills Garzahd, effectively ending the spell and rendering the amulet useless. Prazac ascends the throne, and it continues with the canon history from there.

Any corrections, suggestions, improvements, complaints, etc? Note I don't know A2 and there might be stuff in there that'd contradict this theory. Point any such out. :)

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I really don't think Garzahd would have to control Prazac for means of starting the war. In the original Avernum, he had already mentioned the oncoming war, even before Hawthorne's fall. Even without Hawthorne's death it probably would have happened anyways.
Besides, after what Avernum did to the Empire I don't think Prazac could have stopped the war even if she wanted to. She's the Empress, sure, but as shown in Avernum 3 by her fears of "certain parties" who would not take kindly to knowledge of her consorting with Avernites, she's not all-powerful. It only makes sense after a crime of such magnitude it would be out of her hands.
Though it does make sense that someone else would be in charge of the Empire if for just a little while, I just think Garzahd was too busy to take the position of ruler. What with preparing for war than later slaying Avernites and binding his soul to demons and all that wonderful villainy stuff twisted archmagi like him have on their planners, I simply don't think he'd have the time. I think it's more likely that someone else partially ruled until Prazac was fully able. Maybe some temporary crisis counsel or something. Besides, with a mentality like Garzahd's, one would likely get more satisfaction from killing things than ruling a nation anyways.

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