Custom Terrain problem on Windows

Error message

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AuthorTopic: Custom Terrain problem on Windows
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begindefineterrain 426;
te_name = "FLOOGLIE PILLAR";
te_which_sheet = 728;
te_which_icon = 1;
te_icon_adjust = 640;
te_ed_which_sheet = 682;
te_ed_which_icon = 81;
te_cutaway_which_sheet = 682;
te_cutaway_which_icon = 82;
te_cutaway_icon_adjust = 256;
te_icon_offset_x = -6;
te_icon_offset_y = -6;
te_second_icon = 7;
te_second_icon_offset_x = -6;
te_second_icon_offset_y = -6;
te_cutaway_second_icon = 10;
te_move_block_n = 1;
te_move_block_e = 1;
te_move_block_w = 1;
When I try to start my scenario with this terrain in the town, I get an unhandled exception:

Unhandled Exception: c0000005
At address: 00439a90

This only happens when I place the terrain. Just having it in Mt Porkfriedricedata.txt doesn't cause problems. Why is this happening?

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Random guess alert: Are you sure the graphic you specified exists? It's probably only trying to load the graphic when the terrain is actually placed, which would account for the fact that it only crashes when you have the graphic there.

I must admit I haven't even touched custom graphics yet, so there's a high probability that I'm wrong. :P

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I went to check this, and it does indeed exist. It's not even a custom graphic (since the sheet number isn't in the 500's). However, I noticed something else unrelated: ADoS, you probably want icon 0, not icon 1, if you're making a pillar.

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Try the following:

The 0xC0000005 error is an access error. Likely the graphic is stored incorrectly and cannot be accessed, or is a format that cannot be properly read.

Since it seems you are using the installed graphics sheet I cannot be sure what is wrong. It may be corrupt. You may also have the permissions of the file set incorrectly. Check the Security permissions of the other files and make sure yours are the same.

If all else fail, try a reinstall.

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