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AuthorTopic: Some ideas...
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1. Ability to edit and make new spells and abilities, skills and... well... everything would be nice, if it's not too demanding.
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We've been over this a million times too, but oh well:

The user WILL NOT be able to directly edit and change the spells, abilities, and skills. However, through the use of scripts, one can make new, special...things... that could act as skills or spells. They will be scenario specific (unless I missed something) and should be decently easy to make.

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There will be a couple slots for custom spells, if I am not mistaken. But they cannot be carried from scenario to scenario, and they cannot be targeted.

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Relearning spells and skills every third scenario is not 'fun' XYZ.
A skill/spell editor will not happen. For Jeff's rationale, see this link. It's the second titled topic. I don't think Jeff caved on this one. He did give us a way to put items on adjacent spaces.
While this has been discussed to death, Julmuri's relatively new. Cut him some slack.
And Julmiri, welcome.

Edit: Found a few of Jeff's old posts. He said he might have a way to make customized, untargetable spells with scripts. We also might be able to disable spells (I think). You could make special spells with special node chains in BOE. However, there will be nothing quite as drastic as a spell editor.

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Relearning spells and skills every third scenario is not 'fun' XYZ.
Why, yes, yes it is :) . The time I enjoy games the most is when they're new and interesting. What better way to keep this feeling then to allow us to edit skills/races/spells?
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