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AuthorTopic: Testing Scenarios
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If anyone wants someone else to test their scenario to get maybe a different point of view please email your scenario to me at
Just email and tell me what you want me to test if it's unfinished. I'll will send a email in reply to tell you what I think and what maybe could be improved.
The minimum I'd prefer you to send would be one town

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I as well am interesting in aiding beta testing
<Is anyone actually at this stage? :P >
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I'd be more than willing to test people's scenarios. Be warned, however, that I use a godparty.

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Are you interested in playing a Half-Made scenario? It's just that I need continous testing right throughout the making, and it gets annoyning when my level 50+ party dies. Please tell me if you are. I'll be watching the forum for about another 10 minutes, so I'll see any reply during that time. If you are, please say. It's for WINDOWS, so I don't know if you can do it or not, and I don't want you or anyone else to copy the idea. THANKS!

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If your still checking, I could do this as well.
I'd be more than interested

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I shall beta-test if and only if the creator of the scenario makes a separate topic about it and explicitly asks for beta-testers. It's the way it always worked, traditionally anyway...
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same i just want more stuff to play.

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When a designer wants testers, he'll ask for them. Until then, just wait around and maybe play a bit of BoE.

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<Laughs> Allright. Sorry. I'll sit tight. I guess it's my N00b-ness.. I WOULD play some BoE but, I don't own it, and BoA is my first registered game.

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