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AuthorTopic: BoA for intel macs
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Has there been any word on weather BoA is going to be updated to make it native on the new intel macs, cus right now it runs very slow

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You can adjust the speed in the Preferences; you might make sure that's not where the problem is first.

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Nargil, I sympathize. I'm awaiting an UB version, and in the meantime adjusting the speed helps, but not much. It's really noticeable when you whang an arrow.


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Turning off the sound might speed it up a little bit too.

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I would recommend forwarding your concern to Jeff. If enough people start complaining about fairly recent games not being able to run, the chances of him doing something about it increase.

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Yes, I am about to purchase a 20" iMac, and was wondering the same thing. Hopefully all future games run natively.

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