Nature Lore and Arcane Lore

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AuthorTopic: Nature Lore and Arcane Lore
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On the four Blades of Avernum scenarios how many TOTAL Nature Lore and Arcane Lore are needed?

e.g. in VoDT - how many Nature Lore and Arcane Lore are needed to get the most of the scenario
in Rebellion, Zakhazi-run, etc.
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I tried to ask this question once. This was the answer that I got, such as it was. Someone else can probably give a better, more complete answer, though.

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Yes. that was an incomplete answer. I do hope someone here knows the exact arcane lore and nature lore required on the four scenarios.
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Tool use outside of the "original four" tends to be overridingly worthless.

Nature Lore is useful with Canopy (Naturshand) and the DoK weapons... That's it.

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