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AuthorTopic: Question about Endurance
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Is there any advantage of not increasing Endurance until very high levels (let's say lvl 30)?

For example on lvl 1, I have a 5 Endurance. On level 11, it has 44 HP. And then I increase it to 10 Endurance. How many HP will I get?

Or I'm on lvl 1, but i increase endurance to 10. After level 11, how many HP will I get?

So the question is, do I get more HP if I increase Endurance on high levels?
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You should end up with the same amount of HP no matter when you raise your character's Endurance.

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I see. How about Spell points, does it end up the same amount no matter when I increase my Magic skills or Intelligence?
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So does this apply on Avernum 1-5 and also Geneforge 1-3?
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Um, A5 is a long way from being finished. No one is going to be able to tell you how it will work in that game.

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Oh. Sorry. That was a typo. I really mean A 1-4. So does it apply on those games including Geneforges?
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Yes. The games only care about what the statistic is, not when it was raised. There's only one little trick to choosing when to raise stats. Sometimes, you can find a trainer to raise a stat. But if you raise that stat to too high a level, the trainer won't be able to train you.

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You only need a few points of endurance initially for everyone, and then just add when you feel that your characters are dying too easily. You will need a fairly high level to obtain Resistance, though.

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