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AuthorTopic: Monster Customization Question
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Will it be at all possible to make a monster be more or less vulnerable/dangerous depending upon which direction or place it is attacked from?

Example- a strange monk having a mean left foot (Attacking north and east) but is weak on his right (less damage south and westward).

This would lead to innumerable stratagy possibilies to enforce upon the party for specialized bosses/monsters. I only considered the possibility because terrain (stairs) can be blocked from certian directions but accessable to others.

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Probably couldn't be done directly, but if the monster was stationary you might be able to do extra damage/bad things to characters standing on one side of it.

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One good thing would probably be monsters having certain weaknesses based on surroundings, not positioning. For example, temperature could be added into the surroundings and sliths and lizards and fire monsters would get slowed and weakened in cold climates, while they get hasted and strengthened in warm places. Also, it would be cool if mages could draw power from their surroundings or be strengthened by them. For example, mages might get a bonues to their spells during daytime or nighttime, or some might be able to draw more strength from natural settings, or from caves, etc. It would also be cool if mages could reinforce each other, maybe share magical energy or csat a spell together to make it stronger.

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Another idea would be for the terrain to affect movement. So if you are in grasslands you can move fast but if you are in a mountainous area then you move much slower.

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It is already possible in BoE, however the monster must be broken apart. The monster must also be more than one graphic size. Separate a two by two monster into four separate one by one monsters. Take the right foot monster and make it weaker than the left foot monster. Then, when any piece of the monster is killed trigger a node to kill the 'entire' monster.

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I reckon that that could probably be done. Jeff has said that all the stats o monsters can be checked and changed, including cooridinates. So, all you would have to do is check whether the x coord for the PC is greater than the x coord for the monster (ie. the PC is to the right), and then change the monster's armour statistic accordingly.

Of course, the main problem with this would be the frequency at which you would be able to call a script to do this. Hopefully there will be a "call script if attacked" type attribute to monsters.

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In boe you could give monsters immunity or resistance to poision,fire,cold and magic. I think in BOA you should be able to make them vunerable to certain things as well as immunity.

Example: fire lizard, immune to fire AND -50% resistance to cold attacks.

What do you think?

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