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I am playing VoDT. Is there anyway to dispel those magic barriers? I know that there is a spell but I have been everywhere it seems and I can't find out how to get it? Also, is the house that Karen wants me to go into Avizo's, Axel's, ort one of the private houses? And where is Kelda, the one Karen calls a "true seeker of knowledge"?

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In VoDT your magey level is too low to learn dipel barrier. However, you could try using wands or scrolls, of which I know there is somebody who sales them in Sweetgrove. I think he is in that house where there is that trainer/training area. Its a mage wearing blue robes. He might have a scroll of dispel barrier.

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Actually, I think your best bet is piercing crystals (the green crystals that can be used to dispel barriers). I'm almost positive there were one or two lying around the school.

And the house Karen wants you to break into is one of the private homes in the northwest of town. More specifically, the one with the barriers in the rear.

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A tip, which may or not be considered as full-blown cheating:

Save before using a Piercing Crystal on a barrier, then use it and see if it was worth it. If I recall correctly, some of the barriers you dispel in VoDT have Piercing Crystals hidden behind them. Slightly ironic, but true.

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At least three of them do. Use piercing crystals and shattering crystals wisely because there aren't enough of them in the scenario to open all the spots.

Kelda was based in Maraliss (sp?), but the shop there is abandoned. It's the one that can't be entered without a piercing or shattering crystal. She probably left. And the private home isn't explained. I would guess that it is Avizo's but I have no proof.


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Originally written by Dikiyoba:

At least three of them do. Use piercing crystals and shattering crystals wisely because there aren't enough of them in the scenario to open all the spots.
There are, however, enough to break every barrier that actually has something worthwhile behind it. Some just open into an empty room.

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