I'm back, and also a bit stuck in Backwater.

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AuthorTopic: I'm back, and also a bit stuck in Backwater.
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If anyone remembers me, I'm back, after a long absence, caused in part by getting a new computer, and waiting for new scenarios, both of which I am pleased by. Anyhow, here's my problem: How do I get into the Demon Fortress? The trap at the entrance kills me, I can't find any hidden entrances, and I can't find any more quests in town. Any tips?

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Do you have the goblin amulet? (special item) If so talk to the vampire, or if you attacked it and you have the ancient tome (special item from the vampire's tower) talk to the wizard in Grimson.

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And a side note: keep the Haakai Blade at the end of the game. It's awesome. ;)

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It's pretty good, but there are several two-handed swords that are better - two by TM, and arguably a Blessed Greatsword if you're strong enough.
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