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AuthorTopic: BoA Items
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Hi guys. How about these items( feedback would be great thx :) )

Moon Blade
A waveblade
Does 6-36 +6
Cold damage(5-20)
+2 AP

Sun Shield
A large shield
blocks 5-10+5
+30% to fire resist
+5% to immunity
-10% atk penalty
1 encumberence

Rain Plate
Blue steel plate
blocks 20-80+8
+30% to cold resist
+1 AP
-40% atk penalty
3 encumberance

Sky Helm
A very polished helmet
Blocks 5-15+5
+5 to DEX
+2 AP
Prot. From petrification
15% atk penalty
1 encumberence

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Moonblade: Damage is in the wrong format. Use the A3 format. Having an item give more than one bonus AP can be a problem.

Sun Shield: Erm. What's this +5% to immunity? Min. damage block is high.

Rain Plate: Yipe. Too powerful. Much too powerful. Cut the damage block down (1-50 would be reasonable)

Sky Helm: Min. damage block is too high. +2 AP & +5 to DEX is ridiculous. Either alone would be excessive, together, it's just ridiculous.

Now, a general comment. Scenario design should drive item design, not the other way around. Given that, the value of presenting items as stand-alones is minimal.
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There are such a thing as artifacts, more powerful than the items in the Avernum series. :P

I mean, there will inevitably be places to get swords of giving with guns anyway, so toning it down to the average Avernum level isn't as important as making sure it doesn't break your scenario.
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