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Hmm...well, having found too many bugs in the most recent adventure, my characters have decided to take a breather and LEAVE...lol. On my way out, I checked their leader's title at the title screen.

I have known about this for a while, but it has just occured to me: What are the requirements for the different Titles, and what ARE all of the titles??

So far I have seen:

(Ordered in order I saw them.)

Are there more? How do you get them? Has anyone else seen any of the others? This is a trivial feature in BOA, but it does make for interesting conversation--at least, it MAY at some point. hehe.

This just caught my eye because my party leader JUST upgraded to Archwizard--but he never lvld once in that adventure. Obviously there are req's, and I'd just like to see a list of possabilities. ^_^

EDIT: Note that I had just bought a slew of magical skills for him in that scenario. This is why I say that it has to have Req's.

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I think titles are based upon the total levels of your party members or member, if you're going solo, and the amount of scenairos you've completed.

I used that HLPM (High Level Party Maker) thing and jacked up a test party at God levels (250) and exited the scenairo and saved the game. My party leader was ranked Lord. It was when I completed around 12-15 scenairos that my rank jumped to Archwizard. I could be wrong, but that's how it went for me.

I think the ranks are either based on high levels or the amount of scenarios completed. Was that how it worked for you SpineRaker?

This reminds me of Diablo II when you completed a dificulty level, your character would acheive some kind of title like matriarch or Champion.

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Lords are the default non-spellcaster, I think. Or they may be the warrior class. Archwizards are high-level mages. High Priests are high-level priests.

If your character went from being a Lord to an Archwizard, they were probably more skilled at fighting (or possibly nothing at all), but then you funneled skill points into INT and MAG.

The titles I've achieved are Lord, Archwizard, High Priest, and some others I can't remember. Hero is reportedly a step in the ladder to Lord.

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Thuryl did some investigation into this here.

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You left out High Priest and Novice.

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Novice is listed in the link Kelandon provided. I listed High Priest in this thread.

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A few that I have seen:

swashbuckler (lvl 13-14 melee/archer), adept (lvl 14 priest), conjurer (lvl 14 mage);

veteran (lvl 16-17 melee/archer), healer (lvl 18 priest), thaumaturgist (lvl 17 mage)

warder (lvl 23 melee), protector (lvl 24 archer), curate (lvl 25 priest), sorcerer (lvl 24 mage);

protector (lvl 27 melee), defender (lvl 25 archer), canon (lvl 30 priest), archmage (lvl 26 mage)

These are just the levels at which my characters happened to be, not the exact cutoffs for these titles to begin.

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