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Hello one and everyone. I'm not new to the forums per say, I just haven't posted anything yet.

Anyway, the problem I have is as follows: After getting to the fort, when ordered to rest, I open the door, but then I decide not to rest quite yet, and close the door. Afterwards, the door is stuck and I can't open it anymore. No other door does this. This also propably means I have to restart the whole scenario. Is this the wrong place to stuff bug reports?
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TM says: Yes, closing the door was a royally poor idea.

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Yes, I noticed that
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Say, the starting area in "Mad Ambition", after you survive the ambush from the nephils, when you return to the same area and cast Far Sight, there's a whole bunch of graphics of buildings that you never enter for the entire scenairo. Is there any way to access these areas or is this just a game bug?

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That is cutscene land. The only way to access those areas is to play the scenario through, like a normal person.

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