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AuthorTopic: Mad ambition
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After the fight with Luthair when I go to speak to that rakshasa and Zenbu, the cat teleports me and some taxt boxes appear and when the one ending with They deserved it... is done my character returns to the square where he was teleported from and the game says:
t9Fortress Error:Wrong number/type of parameters, line 635.
I can freely move around the room but the cats just stamd there. If this problem has already been adressed the please someone tell me where, because I wont bother searching for it.
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The problem is addressed, but I can't be bothered telling you where.

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To bad, I will have to find it myself. By the way, why is a Dervish Malachai standing in the bushes in the south east part of Ivalice?
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I'll put the updated version at TMU.

Honestly, I have NO idea about the bugs in the Fortress. None.

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fortress worked fine for me

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Okay, here's the deal. The Mac version is fine, but the Windows version inadvertently used an older version of the script. Windows users should redownload from here.

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I have found a strange bug. After Anthony joins and you are supposed to go down the mine, you instead go out of the fort and reenter, then you can have two Anthonys. When one of them dies the other continues but disappears in the fortress when you are alone but he appears again in the end battle against the three neps.
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