How do you give credits to someone for scenario help?

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AuthorTopic: How do you give credits to someone for scenario help?
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How do you give credits to someone for scenario help?

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Open up any of my readmes to see how I do it. LP in particular has a long list of acknowledgements of many different kinds.

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None of the above. You ask them what you should credit them as. It may be their real name, their nick name, their email address, whatever. They may not even want to be credited if the thing was really minor. So ask them.

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As for who to credit, at a bare minimum, credit your graphic designers and betatesters. If you borrow other people's scripts, mention that you've done so, but there's no need to credit the writers individually in the readme -- the scripts themselves usually include their writer's name. People who just helped you throw ideas around don't need to be credited unless you feel as if they've made a very significant contribution to the scenario.

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