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AuthorTopic: Sequel Support
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I would like some sort of variable that stores the name of the last scenerio the party was in and maybe another 8 bits to store weather the main objectives were complete. Then when I crete the next the scenario in the series it can check to see if the party was in the previous scenerio and weather or not they completed the main objectives. So if you killed Grahoth, assasinated Hawthorn, and escaped to the surface, when you exit the Avernum 1 scenerio that data gets stored in the character file. Then when you import the characters into Avernum 2, the game can react accordinly, ie King Micah sends a letter asking for your assistance based on your previous heroic deeds. (Note this just an example).
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I believe Jeff already said he wouldn't do this, or at least ignored previous requests for a feature similar to this. It would be nice, but it probably won't happen.

—Alorael, who would be happy to settle for items with special flags that can be transferred from one scenario to another. This seems almost as unlikely, and it could lead to all sorts of weird plot bugs from scenarios that use the same flags.
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(to Al's post...)

If you wanted certain items (with thier graphics even), you could just make the item in your scenario. Like say you had "Tales of Kids: Part 1", and there was a unique sword in it, then when you make "ToK:P2" just make it in that, too!

Of course if you didn't make the first scenario and the item wasn't from your imagination, then you could ask permission perhaps. Simply done.

As far as objectives, that is a good idea and would be worth putting in. But we aren't making the game so we have to control.

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Special items would travel between scenarios fine (basing this on BoE), it's just that any flags they have will be deleted.

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One thing you could do is have a text response sort of node. You get a password at the end of a previous scenario, then at the beginning of the next you are asked for it.
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Really, if you're making a sequel, you should just assume that the party successfully completed the previous scenario.
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This works just fine as long as the original scenario didn't have multiple significantly different endings.

Anyway, it seems unlikely that Jeff will explicitly code in the ability to check what scenarios a player has been in - we may not even get a text-response node.

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Well, why not make multiple sequels. Sure, you could tell the players to play only one of them, but they'd be able to see what would've happened if they're particularly curious.

If that fails, just make all sequels / prequels one big scenerio.

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