BOA Release date.

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AuthorTopic: BOA Release date.
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Does anyone have any idea when BOA will be released? Or what it's current state is?
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It's currently being programmed, but we don't know how far along Jeff is. It's expected to be released sometime at the end of this year.

—Alorael, who would say that BoA isn't that far along since Jeff is probably focusing on Geneforge 2 right now for an earlier release. Once that's done, he can work on finishing Boa.
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Yay for Jeff!



*Raises metaphorical wine glass as a toast*

(Good tasting wine, not that nasty white wine)

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Actual quote... "Winter 2003/2004"

I.E. = Late 2003 (december?)/ early 2004 (jan.?)

And yea, I prefer the darker red wines, too!

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actually, it's more like december2003/march2004. Though I wouldn't be surprise if he took til April. But as long as he gets it done, I don't care. All we do is wait. Til then pull out a cot and pillow.

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