can't get past the green barriers

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AuthorTopic: can't get past the green barriers
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i been all over the school of magery in the skylark vale scenario
...went down to the library but i can't figure how to de-activatethe green barriers?


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I believe you need to get a key/stone from the GIFTS for this...

EDIT: (Also, it should be "past" instead of "passed.")

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The second time now I see u asking for BoA walkthrough here at the forums :D
Anyway, go to the Libraries floor. Search it - there is a passage there that will lead to a cave. There you will find the Vahnatai, who have the Opening Stone and will give it to you, I think. Also, after u have spoken to them, there is a quest you can and must do for the friendly spiders.

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True it is past, :D but i get my verbs,adverbs,and dangling participals mixed up when trying to type!!!
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You get a quest from the spiders to do someting, I forget what, and the reward is the Opening Stone. If you go up to a green barrier, and use the stone (which is orange, so don't mistake it) and all the barriers will open.

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You get a quest from the FRIENDLY TALKING SPIDERS ( OH no ! Not again !!! :rolleyes: ).
They give you the stone that allows you to turn down the green doors if you get Chitrach's eggs in the northern part of the dungeon.
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