need a couple of hints

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AuthorTopic: need a couple of hints
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had to restart the valley of dying things again because i was stymied at the school of magery....i was level 9 but some room i i couldn't get in and i already killed most things in the scenario..
any hints appreciated.

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It'd help if you told us exactly where you were stuck.

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There is such thing as a "Save" function.

Other than that, I have no idea what you are talking about.

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some of the rooms at the school i just couldn't get open and i wondered i should have maybe either increased my strength or something...because after going round and around the school over and over i just got stuck in the game....i explored evrything i could think of in the game.

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Hm... like someone already said, knowing *where* precisely that you're stuck would help, but I have a guess. Some of the barriers on one of the first few floors can be walked through; they're only fire barriers, but will cause your party some damage, so be prepared.

If that's not the trouble, come back and try telling us more specifically what the trouble is, especially what floor in the school.
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it' was the barriers..thanks..

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You mean the green barriers? You need an opening stone for those. The spiders have it, but to get it from them, you have to ask someone else below the Library...

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thank you..thats the ones that were driving me nuts....really appreciate it.

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You might want to consult the walkthrough in the pdf file "Blades of Avernum Manual," in Chapter 12. You also might want to consult the Player FAQ, which has a sub-section on VoDT.

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