DwtD: second fight with vampire lord

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AuthorTopic: DwtD: second fight with vampire lord
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I'm having difficulties taking him down when he has that blue crystal thing. Normally, I'd just pump up and whack him to death with melee characters, but it seems as though now everyone takes 130+ points of damage, and then he gets six attacks or so. I don't have any invulnerability potions left. Any ideas/gimmicks?
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Radiant shield give all your party magic and physical resistance, so that should cut down on the crystal damage. If you can, try to get a Sirmaculum (sp?) of Vakhos so that you have one of your own.

Hmm, what else. Cloud of Blades does large amounts of damage to Vakhos (upwards of 200 on some occasions). Make sure to slow him, try using wands or scrolls of Forcecage on him to get some time to recouperate. Finally, be sure to bless and haste your fighters for more damage output per turn.

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You might also consider going outside to the bridge in the underground cave and beating up on wandering undead over and over, going back to the town to sell their stuff, buy new spells and things and level up as you get more experience. Any other places with monsters you haven't killed off yet would be good too. If you haven't found the guy you rescue that gets you cheaper mage spells, you should do that also.
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This is obvious, but make sure you have the highest Repel Spirit from one of the indead dungeons on the surface (the one with the pinkish guys I think)

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