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AuthorTopic: Favorite Fights
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If you could please, list your favorite fights (BoA only!) in order of preference from 1 to 10, 1 being your most favorite and 10 being your tenth favorite.
Just curious...

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3)Evil Statue
4)Rebel Fort in ASR
5)Underground the haunted city in APC
6)Death in DAC
7)Selucia Upper City (Freeing Vahkohs)
8)Haikai battle in BC
9)Bandit Cave in Babysitting
10)Platebug Queen

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1) Avatar fight sequence in Basshikava catacombs-- I liked the tough betatesting version. Summoning platforms are cool.

2) Brawl in third level of Fortress Grenze in Canopy. Brawls are cool.

3) Chitrach fight in Basshikava. I thought this was well done. Thought the incredibly tough betatesting version was very cool.

4) Plate bug fight in Valley of the Dying Things. Big bug generates small bugs.

5) Lyfan in Emerald Mountain-- you have to run from an indestructible monster.

6) A Perfect Forest-- Perfect Spirit-- gets continually tougher and you get weaker.

7) Khoth mirror run in Za- Khazi Run-- you have to solve a puzzle while fighting. Then fight a bunch of golems and efreeti.

8) Kill the empire leader in A Small Rebellion.-- Escape after killing the leader.

9) Hunt the undead bands in Dealing With The Dead to receive rewards.

10) The Demon Gate in Backwater Calls. This was supposed to kill parties trying to reach the fortress.

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1--Khoth in ZKR. It was pretty tough. I eventually summoned a bunch of beasts with Major Call, then used a rod of Arcana while I was still friendly. Then I shot Koth from a distance, and my summoned beasts protected me from his 200 point hits. He dropped the eye of Khoth and Khoth's amulet, two of the coolest artifacts in the game.

2--Demon Gate battle in Backwater Calls: It took me quite some time to actually survive the first round of their attacks. After that, it was pretty easy, as I got my spellcaster hasted and cast Arcane Shield on everyone. Those Hellish Troopers that attack six times each, every round, are tough!

3--Morog, in ZKR. She kept summoning things, I simulacumed her, and my simulacrum kept summoning things, and there was a huge battle between our summoned beasts, until my archers took her out.

4--Selucia in DWTD: I killed Vakhos, that wasn't too bad, then I killed the dude who ruled Selucia. That was pretty epic, as the Elite Soldiers kept on coming....not to mention the escape from the city. Then, when i wanted to leave the scenario, I had to fight my way through that small fort. Pretty fun!

5--Demon Statue in Canopy: The statue, coupled with the invisible bugbears, was quite a challenge. I eventually had to use Arcane Summon and a bunch of Energy Elixers to beat the statue. That dude hit pretty hard!

6--Battling the Empire in A Small Rebellion: They had a bunch of guys who hit really hard...great fun!

7--Worm pit in ZKR--It seems like my leading adventurer always got killed by those worms, so I had to keep restoring it. I eventually simulacumed one of them, then fought them, with my monster, and it was a lot easier.

8--Plate Queen: That was cool...she kept spitting out all these little plate bugs

9--Alien Beasts: Those things were WAY tough for my beginner party to defeat, especially on the trek to the final tower.

10--In A Perfect Forest, fighting that monster, trying to position mirrors, constantly healing my party....a tough battle!

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