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AuthorTopic: stuck in canopy
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I know I am realy lame for asking, however:
I am stuck and a need a little help.
I the scenario "Canopy", I have the 9 bugbear thingy's, I goto the fortress and push the mirror in front of the beam killing the bad guy, and now i'm stuck I cant get out of the catacombs. anybody out there got any help for a loser like me ?
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Did you get the message telling you that you can't escape? After that, look around for somebody (something?) you can talk to.

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Same problem as the original poster here. I did _not_ receive any "you're stuck message. When/where is it supposed to happen?
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It's just in front of the entrance you came in through (the one that's now obstructed by a wall).

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Hm... if you've got an early version, there's a bug in the Catacombs from an unmatched bracket. Had to fix that one manually...

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(sorry) i had to edit this and since i can't delete it i edit it. It was useless what i said -> i misread above! :(

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