Death at Chapman's

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AuthorTopic: Death at Chapman's
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I seem to be stuck towards the end of this one. I found the death charm and have met Death down in the storage rooms. Even talked with the wizard who said the charm looks like something a priest would use. Where do I go from here?
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Look for a secret passage outdoors, wherein a priestess will bless the charm. Then go back and use the charm in the vicinity of the wizard.
It's incredibly stupid, I know.

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That secret passage was truly irritating. Fortunately I had far sight, so I just walked around casting it.
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OMG! A priest in a secret passage? You've got to be kidding. I knew there had to be a priest somewhere, but I thought I was missing a blatantly obvious area/town/hut/etc. Oh well, I'll quit complaining and finish it. Thanks for the help!
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