Happy 2005!

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AuthorTopic: Happy 2005!
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All my best wishes to all Subterra lovers (or should I say addicts!) for a happy 2005! Even to subterra non-lovers, may the pleasure of the game enlighten them!
In this time of great catastrophies and enormous changes, may you and I all find peace, and joy of being alive, and be thankful for what we get each day.
Thanks also to Subterra and of course to its creators: thanks for so many hours spent just having fun!
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Thank you Gemma, and my best wishes to you!

(and to anyone else reading this :) )

Pieter Simoons, aka Radiant

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Thanks. I'm not that good at Subterra, but my New Year's Resolution is to get better! :D :D

And everybody say....Yatta!
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My New Year's resolution is to win the Subterra level design contest.
And that reminds me, when are we getting the results?
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Me is have some of my levels in the 2004 contest set (don't need to be winner.)

I am Pyramid Cave! WTH you say?!?

Yourself :P
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