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I'm trying to access a previous topic, in order to download the level design contest results. But even when I select 'show all topics' it only shows a few. And the links above to 'addition level sets' '3rd design contest' etc don't work.
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There was a massive pruning of threads in August everything over 45 days was removed. I believe FatBatMonkey was trying to archive Subterra. The thread Pied Piper Project 2 - The Boards Strike Back in General will give the news.

Put in a google search: "level design contest" subterra
They may have what you want cached.
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The Stew Boy do you mean you are looking for this url?

Otherwise a site mentions the results as:
Here are the winners of 1st official level design contest:
=1= Zeviz's Attacked Base
=2= Catarina's Enchanted Forest
=3= Isi & Zozo's Not Too Serious
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I meant the latest contest ones. They currently aren't in the 'levels' section.
Are we allowed to post levels for the next level contest now?
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Hi there,

I'm having some site problems over at crystalshard, but you can still mail me levels for ST1 and ST2 (and yes, there will be a 2004 contest)

Pieter Simoons, aka Radiant

Official Crystal Shard and SubTerra webpage
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